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We started of collecting books as a ‘minor’ diversification from our core owl thematic interest. It was obvious that books would feature in most countries philatelic output thus giving a good depth to our new collection. Had we thought logically we would have realized the shear magnitude of our latest venture. Our initial thoughts had been to collect, in addition to stamps and cancels, proofs, FDC’s and cinderellas. These additional items were quickly abandoned although the ones purchased to date have been retained in our collection.

We knew that religious themes meant the Koran and Bible would feature strongly but never anticipated the volume of items generated by political themes such as Libya’s green book, China’s red book and the Communist manifesto. Books appear in cartoons, paintings, coats of arms as well as in their own right. It has become apparent that finding all examples of stamps featuring a book is an almost impossible task but one that can nevertheless generate hours of enjoyment. 

Next we started to narrow our collecting area as initially we included items such as book illustrations and single pages from musical scores. Once again where we have purchased these items they have often been retained. Our collecting theme is now only ‘obvious’ books e.g. bible, notebook, musical score, comic or pages from a book. We try to be consistent but inevitably some items will slip past our quality control, mostly deliberately but on occasions in error. 

We have several months of work to load images of our complete collection and hope that you can be patient. 

Information on any missing items would be greatly appreciated as often books are buried in a set making catalogues only semi useful.

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11th November 2006

First Part Of Book Site Published On Site


We are always interested in any new items that are not listed or variations however large or small of any item listed in this site.

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