Canada 1961 Denmark 1965 Denmark - Nature 1994
MS MS Perf  MS Imperf MS
Stylised Owl ? Little Owl Snowy Owl
Denmark Denmark Denmark
Denmark 1987 19?? Denmark 1968 Greenland 1981
Used Version Only Part Sheet Only MS MS
Barn Owl   Tawny Owl Snowy Owl
Mexico 2005 Norway 19??
Spotted Owl Snowy Owl
Netherlands 1950 South Africa 1967 Sweden 1993 Sweden Switzerland 1961 USA
  MS MS Perf Used Only Perf & Imperf Versions  
Stylised Owl White Faced Owl Eagle Owl   Stylised Owl Stylised Owl
USA NWF 1991 USA NWF 1992 USA NWF 1995 Zimbabwe 1983
Single Stamp Only MS MS Single version Only
Burrowing Owl Saw Whet Owl Snowy Owl Grass Owl

We do have other USA NWF items and we will put these on at a later date.

We are always interested in any new items that are not listed or variations however large or small of any item listed in this site.

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